Wednesday, December 7, 2011

And still we wait...

Unfortunately, still no news on the Eastern front.  We've heard things are progressing, but it hasn't been confirmed and we've seen no evidence yet.  Seriously, it is a matter of paperwork moving from place A to B to C and back to B to C.

We haven't publicized it much, but Nick and I actually flew back to Ho Chi Minh to bide our time.  Of course, we'll be on the first plane back down to Ca Mau as soon as we are allowed back at the orphanage.

We had a pretty amazing night and met some pretty amazing people.  A few months ago, we learned of a wonderful organization called Tiny Hearts of Hope and their work helping orphanages around Vietnam.  They visited our children in Bac Lieu and brought milk and food and recently sent vitamins and medicine. 

This amazing husband, wife and four children from Texas left their American life behind to serve orphaned children in Vietnam.  We visited an orphanage in HCMC tonight run by a Catholic nun.  Brent taught them English and we got to love on the kids.  It was really hard not to weep openly when the children sang "Silent Night" in English and in Vietnamese, and it strengthened our resolve to fight even harder to bring Nate home.

Oh - and we had our first rides on motorbikes in Vietnam today.  For those of you who have been here or have seen the pictures, you know how harrowing that can be!

So, give your own children lots of hugs and kisses today.  And, be thankful people like Brent and Stacey Tarr and the incredible work that they do.


  1. Glad you got to visit the Tarr family! I'm a blubbery mess just reading about the song.

    Hope you can spend some time (just a little time) exploring the city and I really hope that call to hop on the plane comes soon. Aiden saw the pictures of Nate in your post and said, "that's me!" We are praying!

  2. I would have loved to see you on the bikes! What an amazing family....the definition of selflessness and love.