Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Showing Shanghai

We've had a great time showing John and Kerri around Shanghai so far - and much more on the docket.  They've both adapted to life in China very well, and are now pros at dodging spit on the sidewalk and using chopsticks.

Of course, we were all surprised to see the overt signage on this clinic (more of my obsession with signs).  Don't touch the doorknobs.

Yesterday, I took them to one of my favorite shopping haunts, an outdoor antique market.  I wheeled and dealed with John and Kerri and we scored some great deals.

On Sunday, we ventured over to our favorite place for brunch and then a great little artist area on Taikang Lu (also seen on The Amazing Race).  We also ventured into a wet market and saw a lot of people sleeping in their vegetable stalls, including a cute cat.  I love my kitties, but I don't want them laying in my lettuce.

I also tried to get a photo of a butcher cutting meat while smoking, but he dodged my camera before I could get the shot.
It was a nice day, so there was a lot of laundry being hung to dry.
And, apparently okra makes you sleepy.

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