Friday, May 21, 2010

Back in the saddle (or plane seat) again

After a grueling 24-hour trip to Shanghai (5 hour delay in Chicago), I am back for my last 7-week stint in China.  Even before I left U.S. soil in Chicago, I felt like I was back in the People's Republic.  I was waiting in line to get my airline ticket stamped with Visa credentials when a man very loudly burped behind me.  I knew when I heard it, he was Chinese, but I did have to confirm so that I wasn't stereotyping too much.  Oh - and yes, he was Chinese.

We have a lot planned over the next seven weeks to ensure we leave no stone unturned here or somewhere else in Asia (I am really hoping for a trip to Chendu which is the home of one of the largest Panda reserves in the world and to Tibet). 

But, we have big fun on the way from Utah.  Nick's fantastic brother John, and our awesome sister-in-law Kerri will be on their way to Shanghai in about three hours.  We'll have a week to show them all of the Shanghai sights and we will head back to Beijing for a few days, too.

We always have a blast when we're traveling with them, so I have high expectations for some good stories to report.

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