Thursday, April 1, 2010

Learning some Filipino, too

Nick and I only have a few TV stations in English, which are all based in Asia.  Our favorite two are AXN (which we affectionately call the American Expat Network) and StarWorld, which is based in the Philippines.

We like StarWorld because they play reruns of favorites like Scrubs and Friends, but they also are running the current American Idol and last season's Glee (which is my new favorite show).  Anyway, StarWorld commercials are in Filipino, so Nick and I are learning some key phrases about toilet bowl bacteria, ice cream, and moneygrams.

One of our favorites to make fun of is for a pizza chain called Greenwich which is currently promoting a pizza with "real American pizza topping favorites" which include shredded potatoes and bratwurst.  I've only been gone from the states for about a month, but wasn't aware that those two toppings were sweeping the nation.

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