Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy New Year!

Chinese New Year is Saturday, and with it, the migration of more 500 million people going on holiday or visiting family.  I guess this year it's more like 500,000,002 because Nick and I will be traveling to Thailand on Wednesday for a week.  Imagine the entire population of North America traveling via train, planes and automobiles all at the same time.

Since they take a week to celebrate, we will be around for some of the festivities, but apparently, it's good to leave because fireworks are going off at all hours during the week.

It's the Year of the Tiger, and I need to find out more about what that means and post it later. 

Some New Year's decorations down the street from us.

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  1. Have a good vacation - I know it's well deserved and much needed! Cool decorations.