Sunday, February 7, 2010


Two funny quickies about fish this week.

First one:  Nick interviewed an intern this week who's name is: Xu (pronounced "shoe").  And, all through his conversation with Xu, Nick was accidentally calling him Yu, which means fish.  Poor guy.  Another one of those crazy Chinese language mix ups.

Second:  We went to lunch today at a traditional Chinese restaurant.  We were happy to see a Chinese American restaurant favorite on the menu: Kung Pow Chicken (haven't seen that anywhere yet).  But, when we asked the waiter for it, he said they didn't have any.  So, we chose the Sweet and Sour Mandarin Fish instead.  The Sweet and Sour dishes here are typically wonderful.  Not as syrupy sweet as what's served in the U.S., and it doesn't glow in the dark.  So, we were sitting there enjoying our green tea (even Nick's drinking it now), when out comes the waiter with a plastic grocery bag with something in it.  He presents it to Nick and says, "Fish, OK?"  Nick looked in and said "yes", and all I could see was the bag, which had a recently departed fish in it.  My stomach turned over, but as we say, "oh well, we're in China."

Actually, once the cooks had their way with it, the fish was delicious.

And, on a non-fish related note, I was able to use my limited, but growing Mandarin skills to ask some vendors if they sold a 220 volt to 110 volt converter today.  Had to ask four different shops, but finally found one that should work.  And, more than anything, I was thrilled that they knew what I was talking about!

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