Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The bombshell

We were hit with a bombshell Thursday night that the VN govt is denying 10 of the adoption 20 cases. We are not one of the 10, but it does not look good for the rest of the cases either. The Vietnamese govt has said our case (and 9 others) will not move forward.

Senator Lugar's office was on the case as of Friday morning, but we don't have a lot of details and there has been conflicting info.  Needless to say, we still have a lot of questions.

We are in shock over this news.  Just last Tuesday (the 12th) we had learned that it looked like some positive movement was starting to take place, yet 48 hours later, we learned of this incredibly troubling development.

There is a group of five parents who are bonding together their collective brain power to figure out the best way to get attention to our situation, but are waiting until we get more details before spreading the word.

We are emailing and calling as many influential people as we can possibly think of right now to help us, but we're still not sure exactly what we need to do. 

Get ready. We may need to mobilize everyone we know to campaign for these precious 20 children.

In the meantime, expect some humorous posts as it helps take our minds off of the news.  It is consuming every waking moment right now.


  1. Say the word and I will help however I can. Always thinking of you and Nate...

  2. Whatever you need, whenever you need it. Praying for you, Nick and Nate and all the affected families...

  3. I get so angry every time I think of those precious babies. Praying for you all and let me know if I need to storm some offices...