Monday, December 21, 2009

Update on Vietnam Adoption

Unfortunately, there is little to no news here.  I think I mentioned that we learned while I was in-country that a couple of kids (which ones we don't know) had paperwork that was moving.  That's now been 8 weeks and no progress.  Then, we had word that a different child's paperwork was moving, but that's been delayed because they now have to find his birthmother to do a DNA match (not part of the original "rules" so this is a new wrinkle for some families).

So, once again, I am desperately looking for help from Senators/Representatives/Secretary of State's office/Ambassadors/Embassy staffers/etc. and not finding anyone willing to help these twenty children so far.  I will follow any path that might help us out, so if you know any influential people, please let me know.  I am very disappointed in our Indiana Senators offices thus far.  This is about the lives of 20 children, and their fate is in the hands of influential government officials.  I haven't asked our elected officials for anything - I haven't complained about tax reform that negatively affects me, healthcare reform or anything else.  I just want one Senator to make two phone calls - one to our US Ambassador in Vietnam and one to the Vietnamese officials to get these kids home.  It's a 10-minute ask.

The only bright side for the next few weeks is that one of the moms who went to Vietnam in August and one of the moms that I went with in Oct (and her husband) are going to VN to care for the kids for a couple of weeks.  The one mom is there now and it's been wonderful to hear her updates and see new photos.  Nate and the other children are getting so big!  I was thrilled to see that some of the toys we brought them are still in use, and Nate was actually playing with a car that my mom sent with me.

Again, if you know a friend of a friend of a friend that knows someone in a Senator or Rep office, please let me know.  I am days away from going to the media, but we wanted to try one last shot at our elected officials  - our tax dollars pay for their salaries and staffers so let's make them work for it for a change!

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