Friday, December 18, 2009

The Little Things

Sorry about the delay in writing.  Some major jet lag has been kicking in and I can barely stay awake (or at least lucid) past 9pm.

I'm now back in Indiana, and while I was gone for this seven-week stint, there were big things I miss from home like my family and friends, my pets, my house, etc.   We really do like living in Shanghai, but there are a few little things I miss while I'm there.

Being able to drink water out of a faucet.  Yep, even in "modern" Shanghai, we don't drink tap water.  Enough to brush your teeth is OK, but that's it.  Everything else comes from bottles.  Clean water isn't as easy to come by as you think; it is a luxury.
I p
refPublic restrooms with a toilet.   Even the worst gas station bathroom is a dream compared to having to go in a hole in the ground .  Also, I have to carry my own toilet paper with me because even at most of the public restrooms with toilets, they don't have toilet paper.  Um...can you spare a square?   

2.      I miss regular U.S. electrical outlets and not having to plug everything into an adapter, or having to unplug my computer so that I can use the hair dryer that I bought in China, which also needs an adapter for some reason.

aslRunning outside.  This may be the biggest one.  There are miles and miles of sidewalks where we live in Shanghai, but they are non runner-friendly.  So, I'm braving the cold in Indy right now, but am loving every frost-bitten moment of it, especially when I can run with Ellie on trails.


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