Monday, November 23, 2009

A little local flavor

Another fun few days in Shanghai.  It rained a lot last week, but was quite nice on Sat and Sun, so we walked around alot - you can get such a great flavor for the local culture and everyday life by walking around a city. 

And, you see things that you don't expect. 

Nick and I were walking down a busy pedestrian mall where every ten steps someone would come up to us and say "nice watch, handbags" and show us a brochure with counterfeit Rolexes and Gucci bags.  Our Mandarin lessons are coming in handy because by saying "boo yeo" (boo yeow), which means "don't want", we were able to fend them off a bit.  Then we saw something that we thought was just a Shanghai urban legend, a Dunkin Donuts. 

We love their coffee and I am certain that had DD not been five blocks from our house when we lived in Atlanta, Nick may have not made it through grad school.

So, after lunch we decided to have a little treat and get some of that delicious coffee.  We were so excited for a little taste of home.  While we waited, we took a look at the donut selection just for fun, and saw a selection that just didn't seem real.

Yes, that says "dry pork and seaweed donut"  I haven't seen that option in Indy.

Not what I'd pick, I'm more of a cinnamon twist or bavarian cream kinda gal, but to each his own.  After getting the thought of pork and seaweed out of our minds, our mouths started watering as we were handed our creamy and sweet java.  It was really hot, but we couldn't stand it and were eager for that first delicious sip.  And then, yuck!  Truly, it was the worst coffee we'd ever had.  A second sip confirmed it, and we promptly pitched the nearly full cups into the nearest trash can, just before being accosted by yet another guys trying to sell us a Rolex.

Then, we saw another pseudo-familiar face:

We think this is the Chinese version of Wendy's.

Yesterday, we walked around our neighborhood a bit more.  Because it was such a nice and sunny day, everyone had their laundry out drying (before you complain about your electric bill next month, remember that most of the world pays 4-5x what we do and that it's often too expensive, even for people who make a decent living to dry their clothes in a dryer).  Apparently, it was also a good day to hang your dinner out to dry, too.

It's a little hard to see, but going from the right to left: a pair of pants, a vest, a jacket, a small blanket, a larger blanket and a gutted fish.

Just another day in China.


  1. Lu, I am so enjoying reading about all of your adventures!

  2. Love reading this, Lulu!! Ben and Kieran checked it out with me today. They were appalled that you might actually have to eat that donut, but even more appalled that Nick won't get to come home for Christmas (as if he comes to our home?). Anyway, give Nick and yourself a hug from all 5 of us.

  3. Lori, OMGosh - you are soooo funny. Love your Western/Eastern insights:) What great adventures...those seaweed dry duck??? donuts are hmmmm delightful? Am loving reading your blog - let's connect when you are back stateside - want to hear about Vietnam:)