Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day 2 1/2 - Can't sleep

I am typically a morning person, but this is pushing it a bit.  It's 5:00 a.m. and I am wide awake.  I am praying that Nate is feeling better today.  I am sure it's one thing to feel terrible for your child when he isn't well, but it's a completely other emotion all together when he's not with you -- living with 10 other children in a room with a dirty tile floor, no mattresses in his crib and a room that's at least 85 degrees.

As much as I can't wait to get to the Center today, part of me is dreading it, too.  One of the two moms that I'm with leaves for the States tomorrow, so today is her last day to be with her daughter.  It will be heart wrenching to have to see her say goodbye to her precious girl (who is already betrothed to Nate, little does he know - we already have a great photo to play at their wedding rehearsal). 

We went on a shopping excursion yesterday in Camau City.  One of the darling girls that works for the hotel was our guide.  We visited what we called the Vietnam Wal-Mart; a good moniker in that it had a little of everything, but it was probably one-30th the size.  It's amazing how inexpensive everything is -- from our hotel, which is like $30/day including breakfast (and is quite nice - and I am super finicky about creepy hotels, though one of the moms had an incident where five lizards were in her room the other night) to our cab ride which is also about $30/day for a 1 1/2 hour round trip ride (our drivers have stayed the entire day).  I bought some darling board books and DVDs (the Vietnamese version of Shirley Temple) for the Centre for less than $1 a piece.  The most expensive thing so far has been ice cream.  It cost as much as our inexpensive meal last night (which I think was about $5 for some stir fried vegetables and rice, and a bottled water), but we figured keeping ice cream cold can't be easy here.


  1. Recently found your blog- praying for all of the Bac Lieu families. I didn't realize where the province was. My son is from Ca Mau. Nate is handsome. I am enjoying your posts.

  2. I hope Nate is feeling better also! Hang in there, Lulu!!